About Mrs. Madhushree Sudhir Arora

Who is Mrs. Madhushree Sudhir Arora?

  • Mrs. Madhushree Sudhir Arora is the soul mate of Dr. Sudhir Arora since 1993. She was instrumental in saving his life not once, but twice.

  • IIt was just like the mythological story of Satyavan and Savitri. The devotion and courage of Savitri was so intense that Yamraj, the Lord of Death, himself had to agree to return the soul of Satyavan to his lifeless body.

  • Similarly, the spiritual vibrations of Madhushree Ma’am were the reason why Dr. Arora was able to survive two near-death experiences during his five major surgeries in 2009 and 2010.

  • In fact, she has been the real silent force behind the dramatic transformations which have been occurring in the lives of thousands of participants who have done Dr. Arora’s training.

  • She has been an extraordinary, dynamic and forceful catalyst who does not take a direct part in a chemical reaction, but in whose very presence the chemical reaction is expedited.

  • She is a very calm and composed spiritual guide who listens to everyone with deep patience and profound compassion. She then gently counsels and guides that troubled soul in the right direction towards the right solution for his or her problems………

How is she Different from Other Counselors?

  • Oh! She is spiritually a very exalted soul. Along with Dr. Arora she is the Channel of Adi Kriya. She has totally surrendered to the Universal Consciousness. As a result, the Adi Shakti, The Eternal Power of Creation, works through her in every situation.

  • In her current life’s avatar she has touched the heights of spiritual growth and the depths of compassion. She is a visionary soul whose head is in the sky but the feet are firmly planted on the Mother Earth.

  • She shows practically you how to dream big, think big and achieve big - but always realistically with your feet always grounded.

  • She is deeply interested in the power of The Feminine Energy or The Yin Principle of Life Force. Consequently, ladies of all ages and from all walks of life find it very comfortable and soothing to first meet her and take her guidance regarding their personal and professional problems.

  • Basically, this is the true secret behind the tremendous success of Dr. Arora’s training course. It is the Adi Shakti working through her because of which the participants of his training course realize their true potential………

What is her Real Forte?

  • Her forte is her life’s vast experience. She is a breast cancer survivor. Her equanimity, patience and flexibility to lead life smilingly with total gratitude to The Adi Shakti has given her a huge reservoir of inner calmness and strength.

  • She taps The Adi Shakti and channelizes the Adi Kriya when she guides people to solve their most complex and serious problems in very simple and practical steps………

What about her Role in Dr. Arora’s Open-house Training for Everyone?

  • In 1994 Dr. Arora, along with his soul mate Mrs. Madhushree Arora, founded Hope Academy in the city of Pune in western India to spread abundant happiness to all people.

  • Since then people from all walks of life, of all ages and both genders have immensely benefited from the simple pearls of wisdom of Dr. Arora’s mind power training in his open, public sessions.

  • In 1998, Hope Academy expanded and was incorporated into Hope Academy Pvt. Ltd.

  • Dr. Arora is the Founder-CEO while Madhushree Ma’am is the MD of Hope Academy. She is the visionary force which silently guides the whole system of Hope Academy………

What is the typical profile of people who approach Madhushree Ma’am?

  • She compassionately guides students, executives of lower and middle level, senior management, all professionals, business persons, housewives andambitious success-oriented people like you.

  • A typical month would have engineers, IT professionals, doctors, lawyers, architects, chartered accountants, business persons, students, housewives and retired people coming to her first before joining Dr. Arora’s training.

  • They would have all come only for one purpose, ie. to solve their personal and professional problems so as to experience the flowering of their peak of consciousness………

What is the special thing about MadhushreeMadam’s guidance and Dr. Arora’s mind power training programs?

  • Every counseling and all programs are tailored to the participants’ specific needs.

  • Every counseling and all programs focus on the specific issues that are important to the participants.

  • Every counseling and all programs are result-oriented and are designed to solve your personal and professional problems………

OK. I have understood clearly the whole thing. Now Are there any mind power solutions for my problems by post?

  • Sorry. We are sure you understand by now that there can be no mind power postal solution for your complex problems.

  • Only a totally customized and personalized package of various mind power techniques taught to you personally by Dr. Arora can remove your various difficulties………

Can I get rid of my problems totally in your Online Course?

  • Yes, surely very much. If you cannot come to Pune personally, then you can take your training online through Skype.

  • The results of our online mind power training through Skype are the same as your personal mind power training in Pune.

  • All the results depend on you and your own practice of the various mind power skills that Dr. Arora will be teaching you………

I heard that you also give free life-membership?

  • Sure. After doing our Basic Course in Pune you get a life-membership for our Basic Group Course without any extra charges.

  • To upgrade your mind power skills, you are welcome to repeat the whole or the partial Basic Group Course of Dr. Arora’s 7 MIND SECRETS any number of times any time in your life in the future………

How to solve my personal problems then?

  • There are only 2 steps in solving your personal problems:
    You have already taken the first and the mostimportant step. That was to take initiative and find out on the net how to go about solving your problems.

  • This most crucial step has already taken you on the right path. By taking this step you have already solved 49% of your problems. Yes, you read correctly…49%!!!

  • It’s because finally YOU decided that “I have to take charge of my life. That it’s high time I did something constructive to solve my personal problems. It’s my life after all. For this I am willing to take a professional help.”………

What is the remaining 51% step now?

  • Pleasecall us at +91 9371019517 or +91 9890930815 for your personal appointment with us.

  • Please note that because of the availability of very limited seats in our training course only a few appointments are given in a day.

  • Please note that we are here to help you to solve your problems from their roots. For this we have to give you total personal attention in our counselling and training.

  • Therefore, for the sake of maintaining our very high-quality standards, Dr. Arora takes up very limited participants in our group training sessions.

  • Dr. Arora, a medical doctor, is a self-realized soul and does not give any medicines or do any surgery.

  • In the last 4 decades he has already helped thousands of people like you of both sexes and all ageswith various personal problems from all walks of life.

  • He will help you too to solve your problems totally.

  • He will personally guide you to realize your life’s big dreams through his customized and tailor-made mind power counselling and training for you………