One of the most Toxic feelings to have


The above two topics are so different from each other. Why have you taken them together? And how are they related to my Severe Anxiety?

OK. Please explain in detail. I really want to deeply understand this whole game of negative emotions.

So true! What happened then after delivery?

Oh My God! What happens to the baby because of losing the peace of the paradise? What about all the negative emotions mentioned above?

It’s making a great sense to me now. Please do go on.

So, so interesting! Meanwhile what happened to my Spiritual Centre?

Very clear! Does the baby find its new centers of reference?

Very, very interesting! What happens as we grow up?

OK. Do our outer centers keep on changing with growing age?

Agreed totally. But such ever changing substitute centers by their very nature are temporary. How can they give us lasting security and happiness?

My bulb-on moment!!! So does it mean that our mind can never be at peace in our life?

Absolutely agreed now! But what is the proof for all this?

OKKK. So what is the final diagnosis?

Very clear now. What is to be done then to have security, love and happiness? How to overcome my anger, frustrations and my inferiority complex and shyness?

I understand totally now. And I wish to have more guidance to ‘Know my True Self’. What should I do?