Learn to handle it ASAP 


I have a lot of negative thoughts; I am not able to control them. What is their relation to my Severe Anxiety?

Ok, Ok. All talk of positive thinking just evaporates when things are really bad. So what's new about it?

So how to be positive really?

Can you give me some real-life examples?

I fully understand now. I do try but I seem to lose mostly. Why?

What is 'Conceive-Believe-Achieve'?

OK. How to do it?

What about the final achievement?

How will this work really?

Truly amazing!!! Any examples please?

Yet in 1929 Mahatma Gandhi and other towering Indian leaders listened to their own intuition.

They gave the call for total independence from this mightiest empire of its time. 

That too without any violence against the occupying power – which had never be attempted before anywhere in the whole human history!

What could be more illogical than this? 

And just in another 18 years in 1947 India was independent! 

[Please; we are not discussing any politics here; just showing you the power of your God-given intuition working at individual as well as collective level.]

[We have nothing against logic and technology – it is just to show you the supremacy of intuition and human spirit over logic, that’s all.]

I am fully convinced now. Should I actually note these 'intuitive flashes'?

What about my problems then?

Understood totally. But I desperately want to have more guidance from you. How to join your Online Course now?