Our Vision & Values

Our logo

  • A logo is a unique pictorial sum total of what all you stand for – your vision, mission, values and brand colors – all in one easy-to-understand visual representation.

  • Our logo stands for Abundance which starts happening in your life when you start leading a very confident happy life through Dr. Arora’s training course organized by Hope cademy………

Our Name: Hope Academy

  • A right name is the one which tells the most important part of your identity to the world in very simple words.

  • Our name stands exactly for our crystal-clear vision, mission and values – all rolled in one:

  • Hope Academy – ‘HA’ – stands for Happiness and Abundance.

  • ‘H.O.P.E.’ stands for Helping to Overcome your Problems Effectively………

Our Vision : Spreading Confidence, Happiness and Abundance every where

  • A vision is a beautiful compelling dream or view that you create from your heart for your future life. It’s where you want to be in the future in your life to feel successful in the mind and fulfilled in the heart.

  • Our vision is a small part of the mysterious Grand Overall Design – also called G-O-D or The Divine Will – for the one human consciousness.

  • It is to spread confidence, happiness and abundance to every human being whose life we touch in any way………

Our Mission: Spreading The Highest Knowledge to Tap Your Mind Power Secrets

  • A mission is a major goal post on the way to fulfilling your vision. Every accomplished mission takes you nearer and nearer your vision.

  • Our mission is to show people from all walks of life how to lead a confident happy life full of abundance throughour training course on 7 MIND SECRETS………

Our Values: A Simple Result-oriented Approach

  • Values are the compass or hidden principles which lie silently and guide each and every action of all human beings. It’s the alignment between our deepest inner values and our outer actions which leads our life towards confidence, happiness and abundance.

  • "The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of my values on my life.
    Values to me are more important than facts.
    They are more powerful than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than what people say or do.
    They are more subtle than appearances, giftedness or skills.
    They will make or break a country, a company, a relationship or a home.
    Life is 10 % what happens to me and 90 % how I react to it with which ethical values as my guiding compass.
    And so it is with you.
    The remarkable thing is that you have a choice everyday regarding the values you will embrace for that day.
    You cannot change the past, you cannot change the fact that people will act in certain ways.
    You cannot change the inevitable.
    The only thing you can do is to play on one string and that is the set of your dearest held values.
    It is your values which guide you towards a positive or negative direction.
    Then only you can use your knowledge in the right or wrong way.”
    - Author unknown.

  • ……………………………..
    • Our every action is guided by our 8 deepest S. O. F. T. values:
      S – Sharing our vast experience and knowledge without any reservation to all is our core value. It thus contributes to the overall mental, emotional, financial and spiritual growth of every participant.
      This is done with scores of Simple-to-follow techniques which all human beings from all walks of life can easily understand and practice.
      O – Open-minded learning, with a d-e-e-e-e-e-ply Optimistic attitude in every situation of life – whether good or bad.
      F – Fair to you, us and all stakeholders, i.e. win-win-win for all, plus equal Freedom to all of us for the flowering of our true inner potential.
      T – Truthful communication, with totally Transparent operations………

OK. I have understood clearly the whole thing. Now Are there any mind power solutions for my problems by post?

  • Sorry. We are sure you understand by now that there can be no mind power postal solution for your complex problems. Only a totally customized and personalizedpackage of various mind power techniques taught to you personally by Dr. Arora can removeyour various difficulties………

Can I get rid of my problems totally in your Online Course?

  • Yes, surely very much. If you cannot come to Pune personally, then you can take your training online through Skype.

  • The results of our online mind power training through Skype are the same as your personal mind power training in Pune. All the resultsdepend on you and your own practice of the various mind power skills that Dr. Arora will be teaching you………

I heard that you also give free life-membership?

  • Sure. After doing our Basic Course in Pune you get a life-membership for our Basic Group Course without any extra charges. To upgrade your mind power skills, you are welcome to repeat the whole or the partial Basic Group Course of Dr. Arora’s 7 MIND SECRETS any number of times any time in your life in the future………

How to solve my personal problems then?

  • There are only 2 steps in solving your personal problems:
    You have already taken the first and the mostimportant step. That was to take initiative and find out on the net how to go about solving your problems.

  • This most crucial step has already taken you on the right path. By taking this step you have already solved 49% of your problems. Yes, you read correctly…49%!!!

  • It’s because finally YOU decided that “I have to take charge of my life. That it’s high time I did something constructive to solve my personal problems. It’s my life after all. For this I am willing to take a professional help”.

What is the remaining 51% step now?

  • Pleasecall us at +919371019517or +919890930815 for your personal appointment with us.

  • Please note that because of the availability of very limited seats in our training course only a few appointments are given in a day.

  • Please note that we are here to help you to solve your problems from their roots. For this we have to give you total personal attention in our counselling and training.

  • Therefore, for the sake of maintaining our very high-quality standards, Dr. Arora takes up very limited participants in our group training sessions.

  • Dr. Arora, a medical doctor, is a self-realized soul and does not give any medicines or do any surgery.

  • In the last 4 decades he has already helped thousands of people like you of both sexes and all ageswith various personal problems from all walks of life.

  • He will help you too to solve your problems totally.

  • He will personally guide you to realize your life’s big dreams through his customized and tailor-made mind power counselling and training for you………