Mood Off and Mood On can totally destroy your Peace of Mind 


My moods keep on fluctuating and I feel very confused usually. I am feeling Severe Anxiety very often now. Why is it so?

Oh really! Can you please explain more?

Sure sure. Depending upon their sensitivity and emotional reactions to situations human beings in any population are of basically 5 types:

  E           D              C             B          A  

   2%       15%          66%       15%     2%

E People

D People

C People

B People

A People

Very clear. Is there some problem with my mind or is it something else?

M – Monkey thoughts

I – Incomplete, Insecure, Inadequate, and Inferior

     A father keeps on expecting that his bright son should get 90% marks in science.

     But the son’s mind has dreams of his own. He is more interested in music. 

     The result is the inevitable conflict.

     But the parents are worried about any misadventure. 

     Plus, they have to consider ‘What will people say?’

     There are going to be huge clashes now for the coming decade.

N – Never fulfilled

D – Divided, Doubtful

Understood finally now. So what is the remedy to overcome this Severe Anxiety of mine?

Agreed. But I feel that I desperately need your guidance to deal with my particular situation. How to join your online course now?