Unleashing The 3 Mind Powers!

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Learn to tap their Unbelievable Shakti


What are my various Mind Powers? How are they connected to my Severe Anxiety?

1. The 10% conscious mind

At some other time you tend to disagree; 

At times you have some doubt; 

At some other time you compare your past knowledge with what you read right now; 

At another time a question arises, etc., etc. 

2. The 90% sub-conscious mind

3. The Infinite Ocean of The Super-conscious mind

The Super-conscious Mind, 

The One Mind,


The Soul,

The Force, 

One Great Mind, 

The Universal Mind, 

The Infinite Intelligence, 

The Highest Intelligence, 

The Cosmic Energy, 

The Universal Consciousness, 

The Universal Mind Energy, or 

The God-energy. 

Woooow!!! How does this knowledge help us really?

Understood clearly now. Do we all have these 3 mind powers?

Got it. What is the basis of your training then?

I understand clearly now that everything in my life is The Game of Energy. So what should be my first priority daily then?

OKK. Is your emphasis more on Indian or Western culture?

Absolutely great!!! What happens when we unleash our mind powers in such a way?

I agree totally. What if I want faster results as I really want to come out of my complex problems now?