No one should have to go through this Misfortune 


I have been getting mentally and physically abused in my life for a long time leading to my Severe Anxiety. Why is it so?

Understood very well. What happened to my mind when I was so abused while growing up?

‘I don’t deserve a happy life’.

‘I am born to be a victim’.

‘I am inherently weak’ and

‘I am powerless against my victimizers’.

'They love me very much. They are right in punishing me because I am silly, stupid and have low intelligence.'

‘They are doing this unpleasant task as their sad duty because they only want to discipline me.’

‘It’s all for my own good future life’, etc………

Got it clearly now. So what happened consequently?

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

I] What is the Breakthrough state of mind?

II] What is the Breakdown state of mind?

What about a girl getting harassment in the in-laws' home after marriage although she was never abused in the parents' home?

I understand clearly now the role of my self-esteem and my state of Severe Anxiety. I desperately want to come out of this situation. What should I do?

I] The first way of "Self-pity"

What is the second and better way then?

II] The second way of "Taking charge" of your own life

Very, very clear. What to do now?

But I feel that I immediately need more guidance to deal with my tough situation. What to do now?