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Our marriage is in doldrums. I feel Severe Anxiety very often. What to do now?

Is it necessary for my spouse also to come with me?

OK. But so much bitterness has accumulated within me. I am honestly at my breaking point. What to do?

But I feel like exploding. What do I do about the hurt, betrayal and anger swelling within me?

Yes, that is what is actually happening. So what is the second alternative?

All right. I understand it now. But what about my partner not understanding it?

I agree. But how does it solve my current problems practically?


Got it loud and clear! So what is the right way?

But there are so many issues which are so confusing and so daunting. How to deal with them at my current level of growth?

Can I do something else too to hasten the process?

How much other couples really Fail in these sessions?

Oh! And how much other couples really Gain in these sessions?

OK, agreed! I feel I do need more personalized guidance to convert this traumatic experience into a catalyst of my self-growth and self-awareness. What must I do now?

I agree with you. Then how to start your online personal counselling sessions?

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