Following The 3 Universal Laws!

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The basic of your whole life's Success & Happiness 


What’s the difference between universal and man-made laws? How are they connected with my Severe Anxiety?

OK. Is this topic meant for all people?

I love your openness and transparency. So what are these 3 Spiritual Laws? I am really curious to know them.

I] First Spiritual Law: C1: The Law of Completeness

Very very intersting! What is the 2nd Spiritual Law?

II] Second Spiritual Law: C2: The Law of Change

Eye-opening indeed! What is the 3rd Spiritual Law?

III] Third Spiritual Law: C3: The Law of Complementary Opposite Poles

Your young body is becoming an old body. It is changing.

You hardly ever meet your childhood’s best friends now.

You have changed your favourite dress for the new mod dress. 

Your total dependence on your parents as a child has been replaced by your total dependence upon your spouse.

You joined this company so eagerly full of joy. Today it’s a lousy company and you are looking for the next job offer.

Understood clearly. But, isn’t it all very fatalistic?

OK. Got it. Then what must I do to live my daily practical life?

Very clear now. What are thse 3 steps, A1, A2, A3?

I] A1. Acceptance of Reality

II] A2. Active Work Planning

III] A3. Appropriate Actions

Awesome! But the ground reality keeps on changing every moment. How to handle this ever-present change?

people’s behaviour keeps on changing; 

new situations keep on developing; 

new technology keeps on bursting on the scene, and 

unexpected problems do crop up. 

Simply fantastic!!! What are these total actions and total results?

Very interesting! Then how to work smarter and not harder?

I understand all this now. What if I need more guidance in this respect?