What are the Symptoms of Severe Anxiety?

What happens when you have Anxiety, and what happens as Improvement Starts? 

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Are you heading towards a 'Burnt-out Syndrome'?  


Do you have PANIC ATTACKS?


Why do I have this Severe Anxiety, useless tensions, and unnecessary worries?

What are the usual symptoms of anxiety and Severe Anxiety?

OK. Got it clearly now. What is stress & Severe Anxiety?

Stress is simply your body’s reaction to any change. 

Very clear now. But how does stress develop?

Please tell in more details. What is the useful ‘flight’ response due to adrenaline?

OK. What is the other useful ‘fight’ response of adrenaline?

Very clear now. How does the hormone adrenaline work?

What is the difference if we are not able to ‘fight’ or ‘flight’? Suppose we just have to stay there with an artificial smile?

Then how does the tragedy of 'Burnt Out Syndrome' or Severe Anxiety unfold now?

Absolutely clear. How does dis – ease’ become a ‘disease’ then?

Oh! What are these diseases? What is psycho-neuro-immunology?

Oh My God!!! Is it because the weakest point of the chain is the first to break down?

Understood clearly now. This was all because of chronic or long-standing stress or anxiety. Can we have acute or sudden stress also?

Quite, quite clear now. So what is the final answer?

What should we do then?

How to handle the 4 pillars of my life now?

OK. Then what are the 4 needs of our Self?

OK, I have understood. But what should I do to de-stress myself and overcome my Severe Anxiety now?

I tried most of this but could not persist consistently. I need faster relief now. What must I do now?




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